Thursday, August 7, 2008

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Makes A Comeback

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Makes A Comeback

Nothing gives a home that rustic, cabin feel like solid wood bedroom furniture. From the look of unfinished logs, to the more classic look of Quaker furniture, the look and feel of the wood takes the room to a new level of comfort.

Finding solid wood bedroom furniture use to be quite a tough job for most consumers. After the introduction of pressboard, the furniture industry bombarded the market with inexpensive, but cheaply made, pressboard furniture. For anyone who has had the misfortune of getting some of this furniture (especially for a child’s bedroom) you know that before too long the drawers sag and the shelves lean.

Fortunately, the internet has spurred resurgence in the interest for solid wood bedroom furniture. Consumers are finding that a few clicks will lead them to the perfect furniture for their taste and for their budget. There are even a few sites that offer directions for the DIYer who wants to attempt to create the furniture of their dreams in their own workshop.

Solid wood bedroom furniture is more environmentally safe today that it was at one time. There are lumber suppliers who grow trees like some farmers grow corn. The trees are planted in an open field with the plan of harvesting those trees in the future. Some land owners are even using these new crops as a form of long range investing.

Many consumers are rediscovering the joy that solid wood bedroom furniture can bring to a room. The variety that can be found on the internet today makes shopping more of an adventure than a chore. Consumers are turning to the organic feel of the wood for bedrooms and the furniture industry is working hard to meet those new desires. Take some time to look at the solid wood furniture that is on the market today and you may find that what is offered surprises you.


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