Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laminate Flooring Can Save You Money and Add Value

Laminate flooring can withstand the wear and tear of feet & things being dragged across their surface, and it is resistant to most spillage, burns and stains. The wear layer is what protects the laminate floor, keeping it looking brand new for years.

Because it's designed with a tough and durable wear layer, laminate flooring is much stronger than most installed solid hardwood flooring, carpets and vinyl; it's more resistant to scratches than softer surfaces (solid hardwood floors for etc. In addition, if you have a thicker core it will stand up better to wear and tear and is likely to last you longer than a thinner core. Best of all - it continues to look brand new even after years of wear and tear.

Laminate flooring has three key components, namely core, wear and backer. The second component of laminate flooring is the wear layer.


When cost and durability become a factor, maple laminated floors come into focus. The secrets to the durability and beauty of laminate floors lie in the manufacturing processes and materials used for creating them. If cost, durability and installation ease and readiness are important to your floor replacement project, a laminate floor should definitely be considered.

Laminate wood flooring is a kind of flooring that enhances the natural look of wood with greater durability and toughness. Laminate is a very economical flooring option as not only is it much cheaper to buy than most floors but over the long term its durability and the fact that it needs almost no maintenance makes it a sensible choice as far as money is concerned.

The Keys are:

- Dependable Durability - Easy to Clean Surfaces - Superior Stain and Fade Resistance - Installs over Many Types of Sub-Floors - Great Impact and Indentation Resistance - Fashionable, Functional Designs and Textures at Affordable Prices - Easily Replaced Later On, If Desired.

Certain precautions need to be taken to increase durability of laminate flooring.

Generally speaking, laminate flooring is a low maintenance option that is easily installed, but there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing laminate flooring as well as once they’ve been installed. For the specific cleaning and maintenance of your laminate floors, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations

Laminate flooring is stain and fade along with scratch resistant and with a few preventive maintenance ways you can have your floor last a very long time. Laminate flooring in general does not require too much maintenance intensive effort as compared to hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring.

Laminate flooring while bearing close resemblance with hardwood flooring has a few fundamental differences that start from the way it is constructed right up to the maintenance measures that need to be taken post installation.

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Laminate Flooring

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