Friday, September 7, 2007

Introduction - Wood Craft


Woodcraft has occupied by people who live in tourism area for along time, and it passed on from older generation. Woodcraft centre and tourism area are Bali, Central Java, North Sumatra, South East Sulawesi, Papua and Nusa Tenggara.
Woodcraft is interested by tourist who came to Indonesia, and some of woodcraft is exported to other country, although the volume and export value is not as big as the main commodity in Indonesia.

Indonesia wood product export is dominated by plywood and other wood processing, that makes export data is not available, and use data of others wood processing.

The discussion about development opportunity of woodcraft, is shown from region production, like Bali (study area). The increase trend of production volume, show that woodcraft has good Prospect. That good prospect, it's high local content, and use a lot of labour, became a good reason for a bank to finance this small scale enterprise.

The Finance safety guarantee can be increase by using marketing role, production technical help, supplying raw material, and guarantee from Partnership.

The raw material for woodcraft industry has unlimited kind and size, and it waste can be used, so national developing of this business is give positive impact to increase Indonesia raw material efficiency.


The objectives of designing the report for the Feasibility Model of woodcraft Integrated Partnership Project (IPP) are:

To give the bank information about this model of partnership liable to be given bank loans in particular for the development of woodcraft industry.
To give information that is expected to be useful as reference for both small scaled business (cooperatives) and large-scale business interested in developing woodcraft by means of partnership pattern.

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