Sunday, September 9, 2007

Antique Hardwood Flooring

When you want an antique, distressed look to your floors, you should consider hardwood flooring of hickory for an attractive, old look. Some people want to restore the look of an older home to its original grandeur. Others want to make their new homes look like they're actually older ones. In each case, flooring becomes an important element in the overall design.

For individuals who are trying for an antique, historic look, woods like hickory are a popular choice. You can buy hickory floors in a variety of already finished looks or you can have the wood distressed and stained to your specifications. Pre-finished options tend to be less expensive but you won't have the same customization that you would by having installers finish the floor.

One customization that some people choose to have done is a faux inlay. To accomplish this, the hickory floor is laid done as it would be normally. Then the wood is stained a color that matches other woodwork or that the owner prefers for the room. Once the stain has dried, the refinisher tapes off the areas to be stained a darker color. Other color stains can be added in additional steps for more intricate patterns. Finally, a polyurethane coating is applied several times for a durable finish.

Home owners can create these faux inlays on their own if they desire, although you should choose a simple design if you want to do it yourself. You can buy stencils that will help create faux inlays or carefully tape the areas off. For more intricate designs, hire a professional.

Professional installers can also create distressed looks for your hardwood hickory flooring. They may notch, chisel, or grind the floors to give them the character that old floors have. Aspects like wormholes and saw marks can also be desirable for some owners as it also adds character and the appearance of age.

Having distressed hardwood flooring of hickory in your home will add warmth and comfort. Whether you are restoring an old home or are giving character to a new one, you'll love the look of faux inlays and distressed floors. Hickory makes an attractive choice for many homes and will hold up well to whatever you throw at it.

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